Haasnoot Food Family serves the European market for herring and fish-related products with the Neptunus Seafood and Haasnoot Vis B2B brands. With our customers in retail and industry, we establish long-term relationships in which we are a reliable and innovative partner.

Apart from supplying high-quality products, we also support our customers in putting together and optimizing their own product range. By paying proper attention to product range, offers and product introduction, we create optimum value for customers and consumers.

Neptunus Seafood is specialized in the processing of young herring in the fresh and frozen segment. Furthermore, we offer a broad range of shrimps and surimi, in addition to several fresh and (mildly) pickled herring products.

The product range of Haasnoot Vis B2B includes, among other things, marinated herring (sour herring flaps, fillets), non-marinated herring products, young herring and mackerel for smokehouses.

We also have developed recipes for pickled and salted herring products.

Management business unit Fish:

Martin Haasnoot (general manager)

Kees Haasnoot (strategic purchasing and B2B/food service activities)


Contact details

Neptunus Seafood BV
IJzersteden 7
7547 TBĀ  Enschede

tel: +31 (0) 53 46 14 055

Haasnoot Vis B2B
Rijnlandkade 1
2222 AE Katwijk aan Zee

tel: +31 (0) 71 40 90 500

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