Our Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

Haasnoot Food Family wants to take its responsibility in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This is something we all benefit from. We depend on each other to implement this responsibility in a sound and effective manner. That way, we contribute to ensure that the next generation will live in prosperity, while also securing their welfare.

Below, we set out our CSR goals and initiatives.

CSR goals of Haasnoot Food Family:

  • To reduce the energy consumption as much as possible, using environmentally friendly energy sources where possible.
  • To continuously research the possibilities for packaging materials that are less detrimental to the environment and for using less packaging and plastic in general.
  • Waste reduction and separation.
  • To keep the number of kilometres driven for business purposes as low as possible. To achieve this, we want to take advantage of expert knowledge in the area of route planning.
  • To create optimum work areas for our employees and temporary workers. A safe, respectful and nice working environment and atmosphere are important at Haasnoot Food Family. People come first, the result takes second place. Our employees are given the opportunity to come up with ideas and suggestions. By conducting research, we want to measure employee satisfaction and identify possible improvements.
  • Availability of health food in the canteen.
  • To do business preferably with suppliers that are MSC certified and operate in an environmentally and animal-friendly way.
  • To adhere to fair business practices and to cooperate with external partners to promote transparency in the chain. That is why Haasnoot Food Family wants to follow the Principles of Good Practice van The European Supply Chain Initiative. They have been adopted to promote fair business practices in the food supply chain at European level.
  • To make money and goods available to charity and to support sports and other associations. Haasnoot Food Family has set up a welfare committee. It assesses applications from charities and/or sports and other associations.

Realized and current CSR initiatives of Haasnoot Food Family:

  • 25% of our packaging is made of recycled foil. We aim at 100% in 2022.
  • Our packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • The first steps have been taken to make the production, or parts thereof, suitable for resealable foil. On an annual basis, this may result in a saving of approx. 100,000 kilos in foil.
  • An order has been placed for the installation of solar panels on the roof of our head office in Katwijk. With these panels, we will save 380MWh per year. We will 80-90% of the electricity generated and the rest will be fed into the grid.
  • We use more and more LED lighting. This results in considerable savings in kWh.
  • Our herring trays are made lighter, as a result of which the consumption of plastic will be reduced with 30%.
  • Haasnoot Food Family is MSC, ASC and ‘Beter Leven’ certified.
  • Haasnoot Food Family cooperates with Milgro. This company wants to achieve a circular economy and advises us on the proper separation and removal of waste streams.

Looking after the next generation

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