Our History

Our history goes back to the incorporation of the Katwijk-based company G. Haasnoot in 1904, therefore just after the start of the twentieth century. Yet, the family business – through the years mostly known under the name Haasnoot Vis has ‘only’ existed for seventy years, officially.

The first sixty years after its incorporation, the company mainly engaged in the catch and processing of herring.

As of 1965, more and more export possibilities emerged. This marked the growth of the sale of salted herring. For approximately twenty-five years, herring was mainly sold through wholesale businesses. But the sales shifted more and more towards the retail channels. Haasnoot Vis responded well to that development.

In 2010, the assortment was expanded considerably. A few years later, the shipping business was sold after which the company went on the acquisition trail. The first acquisitions, such as Neptunus B.V., were fish-related. But soon, the transport/logistics branch followed, now known as D. Parlevliet & Zn. De start van 1Bite Foods B.V. started in the end of 2015.

The last few years, the company was called Haasnoot Fish Group B.V. and as of that moment, after more than a century of herring-related activities, everything happened in quick succession. At present, Haasnoot Food Family is a fact, and with that the transition from ‘Fish into Food’.

‘Fish into Food’

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