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Take a look at our list (only in Dutch) with several challenging vacancies at group level or at one of the Haasnoot Food Family business units:

Snacks (1BITE foods)
Fish (Neptunus Seafood)
Retail (Haasnoot Vis)
Transport (D. Parlevliet & Zn)

The Haasnoot Food Family business units are located in Almelo, Enschede and Katwijk aan Zee.

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There are currently no vacancies.

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A great company with good career opportunities

Britt Barnhoorn

Sharing food, loving family

That is what Haasnoot Food Family is all about! In all our activities, you always see one important, common characteristic: Passion for Food. It unites us and strengthens the family bond.

Haasnoot Food Family is a no-nonsense company, driven by our values: Reliability, Professionalism and Passion.

We strive for absolute top quality and are always on the lookout for new opportunities. We do this with more than 250 people: our family, who care about the business and are passionate about food.

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